What amount of child support can I expect after a divorce in New York?

The amount of child support is fixed by statute as a percentage of gross income for the first $80,000 as follows:
17 % for one child
25 % for two children
29% for three children
31% for 4 children
But the court can order a variance from the statute under certain circumstances.
Refusing to pay child support can result in garnishments, income executions, among other consequences such as loss of professional licenses, incarceration, contempt of court and suspension of your drivers license.
The law does allow you to petition the court for an upward or downward modification if you cannot afford to pay the amount of child support you were ordered to pay. Even though there is a statute that dictates how much you should pay, there are also federal laws which prevent the judge from ordering child support if doing so would subject you to fall below the “poverty levels” and render you incapable of supporting yourself (self support reserve.)