Should poor people get a prenup?

Are prenups only for celebs and rich people?
I think everybody should get a prenup these days. Poor today, rich tomorrow. Rich today, poor tomorrow. These are uncertain times we live in. One never knows what will happen in the future. One only has to look to the lives of celebrities to see and hear the repurcussions of failing to enter marriage with a “sound mind.” By that I mean that love seems to obscure the judgment of a lot of people. What they don’t realize is love has nothing to do with it. Marrriage is an economic partnership. Marriage is a contract. Marriage is a business. It’s a partnership. You stand together and fall together. You and your future spouse may not have much starting out. But it is not necessarily where you’ll finish. People get better with time. They obtain degrees, get better jobs, buy real estate, win lotteries, fund retirement accounts, inherit millions, increase or improve their standard of living over the course of years. Such that it is imperative to have protections in place to protect your investment in this business called marriage.
Because if you don’t, everything that is earned during the marriage, EVERYTHING is fair game for distribution in a divorce–and some things earned before if you comingled it with things you got after. When love turns to hate, or worse, indifference, believe me when I tell you that the last thing you’ll want to do is to divide up all your hard earned assets with the one person you never want to see again if you lived to be 1000.
Get a prenup. It is intelligent. It doesn’t matter if you’re bankrupt or on welfare. Things are bound to improve with you. And burning down the house so your spouse can’t get it will only land you in jail.
Should poor people get a prenup? Absobleepinglutely!