In a New York divorce, what is a forensics examiner?

A forensics evaluation or examination is basically a psychological evaluation of all the players in a divorce including the parents, children and other people like family members, witnesses, etc. Basically what happens is that all the parties are interviewed by the pschologist so that the psychologist can advice the court about who should get custody of the children. The forensics evaluator is different from the law guardian. The law guardian is the children’s lawyer. Just like the parents get a divorce attorney the children also need an attorney. But the court may listen to both these professionals in making a determination about custody.
Often, if the children are old enough, the court may take their desires into consideration too, along with the recommendations of the forensics examiner and the law guardian (or guardian ad litem).
In a New York Divorce, you can also have a “forensics” accountant examine your finances to ascertain the true¬†value of the marital assets.