What does a certified divorce planner do?

Divorce planners are financial experts who you hire to guide you and your attorney through the fiscal issues in a divorce and potentially prevent you from falling into a quagmire.
Certified planners can “help prepare statements of marital assets and liabilities, develop accurate budgets (historical and post-separation), evaluate settlement proposal(s), minimize post-divorce taxes, be your financial coach and testify as an expert witness on issues related to lifestyle and personal finance. Through this venue, a CDP can enhance the productivity of your matrimonial attorney and boost your understanding of financial issues.”
The emphasis for CDP’s is usually longterm analysis–10 years or more.
Because just because you can hold things together for the first year or two doesn’t mean you’ll be able to for the duration. So what may have seemed “Equitable” at the time you signed the agreement can seem really unfair down the road. A certified planner helps you avoid traps.