Last updated March 2017
So you want to file divorce on the basis of cruelty and inhuman treatment? And you are wondering what sorts of things qualify as “cruel” and “inhuman”?
A spouse can be cruel and inhuman in terms of how they treat the other spouse with respect to:
1) Absences from the home
2) sexual, verbal, physical or emotional abuse (get a doctor’s note)
3) embarassing and humiliating a spouse in front of others.
4) flaunting an extra-marital affair
5) marrying a spouse for a greencard (fraud)
6) refusing to provide financial support for the family even if the means to provide are present.
7) commiting adultery or admitting to it.
8) threatening to commit violence against spouse, children or family
It is important to have approximate dates of these occurrences and witnesses if possible. At least 2 acts of cruel treatment should be alleged, if possible. In other words, if you allege he married you for a greencard, you should probably allege something else, like absences from the home, etc….