What are the grounds for an annulment?

What is an annulment? There are two types of annulment: A religious annulment, and a legal annulment. This entry pertains to legal annulments only….
An annulment is court action rendering a marriage “void” or “voidable.” What that means is that for some reason, either you or your spouse did not have the right to marry each other under state law.
In New York you can get an annulment if:
1) you were legally insane when you married your spouse and have been insane for 5 years or more.
2) you are impotent or your spouse is impotent.
3) you are closely related to your spouse as either brother/sister aunt/nephew or first cousins.
4) your spouse was married to someone else when they married you.
5) you were forced or induced to marry your spouse against your will.
6) you were drunk or drugged or your spouse was drunk or drugged and could not understand the marital contract
7) your spouse misreprestented the reason for the marriage such as the fact that he or she wanted a greencard but had not desire to consummate the marriage, live together, or have kids.
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