Q&A: Can I get spousal support after an annulment?

Yes, it is possible to get child support and spousal support or maintenance after an annulment. Understand that the DRL gives the court a lot of discretion in matrimonial actions as far as maintenance and support issues go. Even though the annulment declares the marriage null and void, it is really a semantic technicality and really functions like a divorce for purposes of child support and spousal support and property division.
In the case of child support, it is logical to conclude that just because a marriage is void doesn’t mean that it wasn’t consummated and that children were born in the marriage. Those children are entitled to support from both parents, and child support, as in a divorce, would be determined by the Child Support Standards Act–“CSSA.”
Similarly, a spouse is entitled to spousal support if the other spouse is financially able to provide support – under certain circumstances. Typically, if parties receive an annulment, there probably will not be permanent maintenance or even any spousal support after the judgment of annulment. But not always. For example, in the case of a marriage which was annulled because of the incurable insanity of one spouse, the spouse who seeks the annulment may be required to provide support to the insane spouse for the rest of his/her life–if financially able to do so.
And there could be other scenarios where the court deems it proper deviate from the usual guidelines to award spousal support even though the marriage has been annulled.
As far as property distribution, that would also be pursuant to the equitable distribution laws. If there is property each spouse will likely get his/her equitable share.
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