I was served with divorce papers but I don't want a divorce. What are my options?

Well, it’s always tough when you are served with papers and the last thing you want is a divorce. The good thing is that in New York, your spouse can’t just get a divorce because they ask for it. They have to prove that they are entitled to the divorce. They have to have what’s called “grounds” for a divorce. And the court has to have jurisdiction over you in order to grant a divorce to your spouse against you. Like any other divorce lawyer, New York, NY would say, don’t just sign on the dotted line if you really feel that your spouse has no ground for the divorce and if you don’t want the divorce.
Just keep in mind that contested divorces are expensive. And divorces that go to trial are fantastically expensive. I hate to say it but if you don’t have money for a trial, you probably are better off just agreeing to go your separate ways. If you have money, or if your spouse has money (in which case the court could order your spouse to foot the legal bills you amass) then by all means let them prove it. Let them prove you either abandoned them (actually or contructively), treated them cruelly or inhumanly, committed adultery, have been imprisonned for three years or more, or signed a separation agreement.
If they can’t prove at least one of these grounds guess what? You win. No divorce.