How to annul a marriage that was a mistake

Sometimes, you just straight up make a mistake. You meet someone and without getting to know them well, you jump into marriage. Or you may know someone for a really long time but not really know them, if you know what I mean, and the next thing you know you are living a big mistake.
Still others marry someone that the law forbids them to marry and the marriage is what’s called void ab initio (from their inception). Those marriages are annulled without the party even having to do anything.  Examples of those beauties include, say, a marriage between an uncle or a niece. Bigamous marriages are also void ab initio.  Marriages such as those between brothers and sisters, parent and child are void ab initio.
Other types of marriages are annullable if one of the parties takes action by filing a petition with the court.  A marriage, for example, where one of the parties is under the age of 18 years is voidable in the State of New York if there was no written parental consent and no approval by the family court judge. Notice that was voidable as opposed to void ab initio. If a person is 14 or younger, they cannot get married in New York even with parental consent. But they have to petition the court in order to annul it.
Other types of marriages that are voidable are those that involve people who “lacked understanding” for what the marriage contract meant due to mental illness, or retardation.  You can also annul a marriage due to physical incapacity (yes, it means what you think it means), fraud, duress, force, and missing spouse…
So how do you actually get the annulment? You file a petition (summons and complaint) with the Supreme Court in your county. And instead of saying you want a divorce, you say you want an annulment. The fees are the same as a divorce. And it takes about the same time as a divorce.
It is the end result that is different. With an annulment it is as if the marriage never even happened. You basically get to erase that marriage, totally eviscerte it from your life. It’s like, Paul who? Never knew anybody by that name, kind of thing.