I fear my husband will kidnap my son and take him to another state. Can he change the custody order in another state?

A potential client called this morning in a panic. Her recently estranged husband who has moved to Kansas has been threatening to take the child and keep the child in Kansas. The husband, a citizen of Morocco, also has close familial ties in Morocco. The wife is petrified that not only can he take the child to Kansas, but he may even kidnap the child and take him to Morocco.
Well, it’s possible he could do both. But it’s also likely that he won’t do either. For him to take the child and keep the child either in Kansas or Morrocco would be kidnapping and that obviously is a felony. It is a felonious act to wrongfully take and detain a child even if you are the child’s parent, if you don’t have custody of the child.
It is a complex set of laws, but normally, if the husband takes the child to Kansas, the Kansas court could not change, over rule or re-litigate any custody orders from the New York courts. There is a federal law in place called the UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody and Jurisdiction Enforcement Act) that prohibits one state to overrule the “home state” court orders that pertain to a minor child.
Everything turns on where is the child’s home state? The place where the child’s ties and connections exist? The place where the child is domiciled for six months or more. (Even if the child is absent from the home state, the six month period counts the absences if it can be shown that the absence was not intended to be permanent.)
In this case, it is obvious that New York has home state jurisdiction and the father could not get the Kansas courts to over rule what the New York courts have ordered.
As far as the fear of the father taking the child to Morocco. That is obviously a much bigger problem. From a legal standpoint, if Morocco is not a part of the Hague Convention, then if the father takes the child the mother is pretty much out of luck as far as getting the New York custody order enforced. If Morocco is part of the Hague Convention, then the courts of Morocco will be obliged to enforce the New York custody order and the father would be ordered to return the child.