High Net worth individuals and the prenup

So you are getting married and you are thinking about the pre nup. Good idea? Bad idea? Well, it depends. It’s kind of like lovemaking. And taking precautionary measures. Or not…. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If asset protection is one of your concerns, as a general rule, then you might want to seriously consider a prenup. If you have no assets but you are marrying someone who does, it might not be all that wise to sign a well-crafted, comprehensive, well-reviewed, attorney endorsed prenup. Because then you are stuck.
In New York, get a prenup if you are concerned about asset protection. But maybe you want to videotape the signing of it in case your foreign born spouse later challenges it on the grounds of duress, or lack of capacity to understand the English language, or something. Yes, a prenup is sometimes a good prophylactic.
You want to make sure that the agreement is basically fair. Don’t try to cream your future spouse by having them sign away their rights to EVERYTHING in a pre nup. The court will likely cry foul and set aside the pre nup. Make sure it is fair on its face if you want it to survive scrutiny.
Encourage your spouse to get a lawyer of their own before signing.
Get it signed long before the day of the wedding, like maybe 3-4 months before.
Once you sign it, make sure you abide by the terms because your behavior subsequent to the signing of the agreement can nullify the agreement.
What ever you do, don’t commingle assets that you declared SEPARATE property in your prenup, with MARITAL property post wedding ceremony.