Did Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez have a prenup?

More than likely, the Rodriguezes had a pre-nuptial agreement and it was a valid one. However the fact that there was no vitriolic court trial suggests that perhaps Alex Rodriguez ponied up a bit more than what was promised in the pre nup and Cynthia’s lawyers probably advised her to take the money and run.
You may recall that back in September, the New York Yankees baseman Rodriguez was infamously accused by his wife of five years of having an affair with the Material Girl, Madonna. He allegedly was caught in her hotel room late at night! When the scandal broke, Madonna denied all wrong doing and quickly hooked up with her husband Guy Ritchie in a public display of marital togetherness and bliss.
That did not stop Cynthia from jetting off to Paris to hang out with a good friend, Lenny Kravitz. Or some other young hot musician. When Cynthia flew back to Florida, she filed for divorce.
The details of the broken nuptials were never revealed to the press, but if I can speculate I would say that there was an air tight pre-nup, but that Mr. Rodriguez must have agreed to give his wife a bit more than he was contracted to.
See, that is why it is always smart to get a prenup no matter how much you love your future spouse.