Rolling stones adultery could cost him half his fortune

Rolling Stones veteran Ron Wood, 61, allegedly has a new mistress, Ekaterina Ivanova, a Russian club goer, 20 and his wife Jo Wood, went forthwith to her divorce attorney. They do not live in New York, alas, but in the UK. However, it seems that the UK may be a “community property” state as opposed to an equitable distribution state. It is not clear if the Woods, who have been married since 1985 and have two young children together, have a pre-nup. That could change the landscape considerably. But if they did not, Ron is pretty much baked. If the children are still under-aged, you are also looking at child support in addition to alimony and property settlement. Mrs. Wood could clean up.
The good news for Mr. Wood is that Mrs. Wood says she wants to end things amicably. So he may not have to pony up legal fees for himself and for her. (More than likely he will have to pay her legal fees). In addition, she was his employee and it is alleged that he will have to give her another 20% of his assets for her contribution to his business, Rockyarch -a music company.
Mrs. Wood stands to gain about fifty million pounds, or USD $92,000,000.00.
Not bad, eh?