No Prenup for Guy and Madonna

When I heard the report that Madonna and Guy did not have a pre-nup, I was shocked. I thought a woman like Madonna would know better than to get married without precautions. I guess she was a hopeless romantic and expected the marriage to last forever. That is cute. But didn’t she have legal advisors? Didn’t she talk to Donald Trump first? Who gets married without a pre-nup these days? When there is so much to lose?
In New York a prenuptial agreement is enforceable if it is signed and acknowledged by both parties, and there is ample time between the signing and the marriage. You can’t do a shot gun prenup the same day of the marriage or even a few days before the marriage. Neither can the monied spouse have the non-monied spouse sign an outrageously lopsided prenuptial agreement. That is likely not to be enforced.
In New York you also want to be represented by counsel and the other spouse should have his or her own attorney as well. And if you can possibly videotape the signing, it would be a good idea, so that you can fight any allegations later on that either spouse was under the influence or did not understand what he or she was doing or signing.
But Madonna not signing a prenup? Granted she was married in Scotland and not in New York. But that has nothing to do with anything. No prenup? I am astonished.