No divorce for Silda and Elliot Spitzer. What can we learn?

Well, as everyone knows, Governor Spitzer is no longer governor of New York because of some shenanigans he was embroiled in in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, with a 22 year old looker going by the name of Ashley.
Since then, I am certain all high powered divorce lawyers in New York were sitting by the phone expecting the call. (People like the Spitzers are only going to go to “high powered” lawyers who charge them upwards of $500 per hour and up to $60,000.00 for the legal fees when the divorce is completed.)
But nobody’s gotten the call yet. In fact, this morning, it seems the Spitzers were out on Madision Avenue in Manhattan, celebrating their twenty-first anniversary over toast and oatmeal.
They have not even separated as a result of this scandal, which, frankly, amazes me in this day and age. Like Hillary Clinton, Silda has stuck by her man through thick and thin, perhaps intending to do so till “death do them part.”
But. Let’s dish a little bit. If Silda had wanted a divorce, there is no question she would have been able to prove grounds here. I mean, $4200 per hour call girls in the Mayflower Hotel in Washington? Are you kidding me? That is not only adultery, it is emotional and constructive abandonment, and it is cruel and inhuman treatment, Mr. Spitzer. So he is a lucky Romeo being married to a woman like Silda whom he reportedly met at Harvard Law School.
Silda could have probably left him practically with little more than the shirt on his back on this one. I mean, he got all the equitable distribution he was entitled with all the “dissipation of marital assets” when he purported to spend that kind of money, by the hour, on harlots.