The financial downturn will impact the number of divorces in New York

More job layoffs could lead to more divorces

American marriages are in trouble. As the economic downturn continues to spiral, more and more major companies are announcing layoffs – from Google, to Yahoo, to most of the financial services companies. According to the Wall Street Journal, people are conserving on everything from retail shopping to food purchasing. The money just isn’t there for any excesses, and sometimes not even for the basics. This crisis on Wall Street puts a strain on marriages.

This money crunch can only lead to marital problems. Already, close to fifty percent of marriages end in divorce in this country. Historically, one of the main causes of friction has been conflicts over money. In fact, couples with financial compatibility problems are probably more likely to divorce than couples with other types of problems.

It makes sense. As human beings our primary concern is survival. But foremost is our need for food and sustenance. In order to eat in most parts of the country, one needs money to purchase the items for consumption. When all indicators are that even finding enough money to purchase food is challenging the average American, it is no wonder that familial structures will start to tear at the fringes, and eventually, start to break down at the core. That will mean more consultations with divorce attorneys.