Is infertility grounds for divorce in New York? Ask supermodel Carol Alt

Is infertility grounds for divorce? That is a very good question. Former supermodel Carol Alt and her husband who are currently in court fighting over unrelated financial dealings, allegedly divorced a few years back because of her infertility following ovarian cancer.
He wanted children badly and she could not give him kids, so they agreed to get a divorce.
I think that two people can agree to get a divorce in New York due to infertility. But I don’t think that one party can use infertility as a grounds for divorce if the other party does not want the divorce.
The grounds for divorce in New York are abandonment, constructive abandonment, separation agreement, judgment of separation, incarceration, adultery and cruel treatment.
It is true that one can get an ANNULMENT in New York on the basis on “lack of desire to have children.” But that is only if you got married knowing the other party wanted kids and representing that you too wanted children when in fact you didn’t. That would be a concealment of material fact.
It would also be a concealment of material fact if, like Carol Alt, you knew you could not have children (even if due to ovarian cancer) yet you represented that you could have children and wanted to have children just to get married. Her husband could have gotten an annulment on those grounds.
But an otherwise healthy person who gets married in good faith with every intention of having children, who subsequently finds out that he or she is infertile did not conceal a material fact at the time the marriage took place.
Therefore I do not think infertility that is discovered after marriage has occurred would be a basis for either an annulment or divorce in New York.