A look at the Jennifer Hudson family tragedy and Domestic Violence in New York Divorces

Actress/singer Jennifer Hudson, the Academy Award Winning Actress and former contestant on American Idol has been dealt a double whammy this weekend when her mother and brother were gunned down in a domestic dispute. Jennifer’s sister was married to the suspect. Jennifer’s seven year old nephew is also missing since the tragedy.
It has been revealed that there have been issues of domestic disturbance with this family for some time. But they parties were not up for a divorce.
Many marriages in New York end in divorce due to domestic violence. Often times the battered spouse is the wife, and in addition to seeking a divorce, she is usually seeking an order of protection from her battering spouse.
Domestic violence in New York can be a factor in determining which parent gets custody. If a father routinely batters his wife, it might be a mitigating factor against granting him custody of the children.
Jennifer Hudson’s sister has been making appeals on television for the return of her son. The sad fact is that many children who are abducted or go missing following a domestic dispute are usually never found alive.
Hopefully this situation will be an exception.
Women in a domestic violence marriage should get out and get help as soon as possible. There are many shelters in New York that take in victims of domestic violence.
Some people stay in these situations because of fear that seeking a divorce will make their spouse even more angry. They may fear losing immigration status, as they are not legal residents and are waiting to get a greencard. But if they have a record of domestic violence – stays in a domestic violence shelter, police reports, medical reports, hosptial reports, psychiatric reports, it will not affect their visa status. The law recognizes that a battered spouse should not be penalized from leaving an otherwise “good faith” marriage.
Do not remain a victim of domestic violence. Seek help before it is too late. Get police protection if you fear that seeking a divorce will make your spouse angry. You don’t have to put up with this.