Married Japanese man tries to commit bigamy, then sets a hotel on fire

Bigamy is against the law in New York, and in all states in the U.S. You cannot get married to someone else until you are legally divorced from your first spouse. In order for you to be legally divorced you have to received a judgment of divorce from the court, and there must be a notice of entry filed with the county clerk. Until that happens, you are not divorced and if you get married to someone else, you have committed bigamy. Thus, your second marriage is void on its face.
A Japanese man in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo apparently thought that since he was not in New York, he didn’t need to get divorced before getting engaged to, and planning a wedding to another woman. But at the last minute he got cold feet and instead of telling the putative new bride the truth of the matter, he took it upon himself to  set the hotel they were staying in on fire. The full story can be read on Reuters.
My advice? Don’t do that. Get fully divorced first, then get re-married. If you don’t want to marry the person, just big up and say so. No need to add arson to the mix. That’s just dumb.