Jennifer Hudson's engagement to former lawyer keeps her grounded during a tragedy

It is always good news when two people meet and decide to make it official. Even for jaded divorce lawyers, engagements are nice things to happen to good people. With the rest of the bad news that is going on in her life at the moment, it is wonderful that Jennifer Hudson does not have to go through this alone. The actress/singer has been engaged for a few months to man she has been dating for less than a year, named David Otunga who has appeared on Punk’d.
I wish Jennifer well, and the only thing I can say, (and forgive me for being a jaded New York City divorce attorney) is, I really hope they will be signing a pre-nup. Just because it is smart and it makes sense, not for any other reason. So don’t misinterpret my intentions for saying this. Because I am sure they will be married for ever. At least, I hope so. But just in case she needs to protect herself.
Best to Jennifer Hudson. She is in our prayers here at Divorce Saloon.