TV stars are just like us: They fight over custody of their kids

Former 90210 star Brian Austin Green (he was Tori Spelling’s love interest, I think) and his paramour Vanessa Marcil (Brenda on General Hospital and she had a big part on Vegas) have a little boy together named Kassius. And they are fighting over custody.
It happens in all segments of society. People fight over the custody of their children. Here in New York, more and more fathers are standing up for their right to custody of the kids. A part of it is that child support is expensive. Another part of it is that men are becoming more nurturing with each generation. They want to spend as much time with their kids as possible.
In New York, a mother is no longer assumed to be the better parent simply because of her luck in being the “right” gender. Both parents have an equal right to their children. The question is who is the primary caretaker? Which parent can offer the child better care. Which parent has the time, resources and temparent to see that the child’s best interests are met. For older children, the court will also look at which parent the child wants to live with.
More and more custody issues are not a product of a divorce situation. Many people have kids together without ever getting married. The law does not treat children of the marriage any differently from children of parents who never married, however. Except, in the case of “wedlock” children, the court may look to the “standard of living the children enjoyed while the parents were married,” in determining the child support obligations, when parents’ combined income exceeds $80,000.00