Philipino Priest accused of

In Queens, New York, a priest ordained in the Philipines has been accused of violating his vows, and of taking advantage of an emotionally fragile 50 year old who came to him for confession following her divorce. It is not clear what she had to “confess” but she went to him to confess and he in turn confessed his undying desire for her and got himself into some serious trouble.
The priest was the chaplain at the hospital and parish priest for Our Lady of Snows Church in Queens. He has been barred from both duties pending the investigation. In the mean time the woman has filed a $25 million dollar law suit against the Catholic Church.
According to the New York Newsday, “The Rev. Elvis Elano is named in a $25 million lawsuit that details his relationship with Judith Rodrigues-Lytwyn, whom he met when she came to him for confession at a Queens church.” The fragile divorcee managed to photograph the priest in some very suggestive moments, including once when he was shirtless and kneeling next to her bedside, another with him posing with a rose in his mouth, and another with them snuggling on the beach.
The 44 year old priest allegedly “encouraged [the victim] to engage in a sexual liaison with him to assist her in overcoming her pain associated with her husband and because it was ‘ordained by God,”‘ according to the lawsuit.
The relationship apparently ended when the priest developed a rash in his groin area. read more here