Model commits suicide after divorce

It is very sad but divorce can really be emotionally devastating. Statistics show that women are often hit harder by a divorce than men. It is not clear why that is. Maybe women put a higher value on marriage than men do. When a man asks a woman to get married, it means that she “bagged” him, she won a big prize, she got the big “get.” Many women subsequently allow themselves to be defined by the relationship and the marriage. The man and the marriage and the ring comes to signify their entire raison d’etre. If the rug somehow gets pulled out from under them (especially if the husband asks for the divorce) it can be truly devastating.
I was reading on the website First Wives World about the Los Angeles Model who commited suicide after her divorce. It was a very sad story which I thought I would share. I hope other women who understandably get depressed after a marriage ends should stop and think through things a bit.
Chances are that by the time a divorce is signed, the marriage has been on the rocks for a while. The marriage is usually not a happy one if one or both parties want a divorce. So a part of the depression that women feel probably goes to a loss of companionship, a loss of something familiar in their lives. But it is not their whole life. Life goes on after a divorce. And there may even be another marriage or significant relationship, once you make the room for it by ending something that does not work for one or both of you.
The point is, nobody should feel they have to commit suicide just because their marriage ends.