American Idol critic is single again

Simon Cowell never did marry his long time girlfriend after all. It is a good thing because she wanted children, and it seems that he did not. In New York, if two people get married and one does not want children, this could possibly be a basis for an annulment.
Of course, if the other party told you to begin with, like Simon Cowell apparently told his girl, Terri Seymour, and she went ahead with a marriage, assuming he had proposed, she would not have been able to annul the marriage on that basis.
A marriage is only annullable in this context, if one party did not want kids, but concealed that fact from the other party, just so the other party would marry them – and this is especially a problem if the party who did not want kids knew that the other party wanted kids and had agreed to the marriage specifically because he or she expected to have kids.