Is there life after divorce?

Well, I should start by saying that I have never personally experienced divorce so everything I have to say is opinion – my opinion.
I would say that there is a lot of life after divorce. I only have to look at my client whom I will call “Janice.” Since she divorced her husband (I was her divorce attorney) the woman has literally transformed.So has her children. She went from a depressed, red-eyed, crying mouse into this va va va voom force to be reckoned with, it’s actually amusing sometimes. She emailed me today to tell me that she is off to Hawaii with her girls this coming february. She has been to Miami and Peurto Rico for the weekend at least twice in the last two years. She is back to school at a prestigious university here in New York, and she just took out a loan to start her own business.
Her children are also living at a much higher standard than when their parents were married, thanks to the enterprising Janice who has now started to rent out a portion of the house she got in the divorce. She has sent the oldest girl off to Europe for the summer for a whole month – to do a homestay. The child actually ended up seeing about 3 different countries in Europe on her trip.
The children are pulling in A’s in school, and appear to be very well adjusted and happy.
Janice is not the only one. I have yet to have a client who “regretted” moving on with their lives. And I certainly have yet to have a client who felt that their life was over because of the divorce.
That is not to belittle the fact that the divorce process can be depressing and brutal. But it is to say, that in my experience as a divorce attorney, there is definitely life after a divorce. You just have to choose to live it.