My husband and I had sex even though we are in the middle of a divorce action. Now what?

Oh Jeeze. I have no idea. This could be a problem. Why’d you do that? No, but seriously, what possessed you? Well, don’t feel bad. This happens quite often. What it could mean is that you are both not quite sure that divorce is the way to go at this point in your relationship. Or it could be a final goodbye. Or it could just be loneliness or a physical need on one or both sides. Or guilt. One of you is probably feeling guilty about the way things have gone down.
The bottom line is, the last person who can tell you for certain what this lapse means, is your divorce lawyer over here. You have to pyscho-analyze yourself and figure out what this speech is really saying. Because it is speech. I mean if you and your husband are so done that you have gotten lawyers and are in the midst of a divorce, and then you find yourselves co-mingling once again, something is being said here. I just don’t know what it is. What do you think it means?