Will you have a divorce ceremony?

This may sound pretty morbid in sort of the same way that a wake is kind of moribund, but there is this trend now where people are celebrating their divorces with a ceremony, just like they celebrated the wedding with a ceremony. It’s a wild concept but it seems to be catching on with the new generation of divorcees.
Just like the wedding, the divorce ceremony usually involves the ring – the ultimate symbol of the union. What are you going to do with it? If both spouses are still somewhat friendly, they could have a ceremony in their respective places of worship where they literally give back the ring to their spouse in front of their guests and witnesses. In returning this symbol of their love, they basically release the other person without anger, and with forgiveness…
If the parties are not all that friendly, then the ceremony could be more private or one-sided and could involve a trip to a jeweller who would melt the ring and turn it into some other piece of jewelry, like cuff links or earrings, or pendants for the kids – if there are kids. The ring might even be kept as a ring, but the stone would be changed by setting a new gem stone in it. The new gem stone might symbolize whatever the wearer wants it to symbolize.
A part of the ceremony might involve the wedding album. What do you do with the pictures in it? Some people might have a bonfire party where they burn not only the wedding albums but the dress, and any other paraphenalia (wrong spelling) that is associated with either the wedding or the former spouse. Or in the alternative, instead of burning these items, the ceremony might mean carefully wrapping these items into sealed boxes and putting them some place out of sight and reach, such as a safety deposit box, or the attic, or something to be returned to in a few years after the pain of the divorce is no longer so raw.
Many people eschew all that and the ceremony is just a really sexy trip to someplace like Bora Bora or Cabo San Lucas where they can get all the massages their hearts desire, and get photographed in really flirty beach wear. They would make a point of establishing contact with the opposite sex, as a way to assure themselves that they are over their ex.
For others, the ceremony is a blow out party at a swanky hotel or night club.
The divorce ceremony is really a personal thing – as personal and unique as the wedding nuptials were. No two people envision their divorce nuptials quite the same way. The point, though, is that more and more people are having these ceremonies. Will you?