How soon after a first divorce can I enter into a second marriage?

In New York, (and the rest of the country more than likely) you can get married as soon as the ink is placed on the NOTICE OF ENTRY and not before. Notice that I said NOTICE OF ENTRY and not JUDGMENT OF DIVORCE. That is, even though the judge has signed off on the divorce, you are still not technically divorced until it has been entered in the office of the county clerk with proof of service to the other side annexed to 1) judgment of divorce and findings of fact 2)affidavit of service and 3) notice of entry.
If you get married before that happens, then your marriage is void. You were not really divorced. So you in effect are guilty of polygamy. Or bigamy. That’s not a good thing, no matter how exciting it sounds.
But don’t you want to take some time to travel, sow your wild oats and otherwise enjoy being single a little before rushing right back into a second marriage? Don’t you want to take a cooling off period between the first marriage and the next one? It might not be a bad idea. Have a long engagement and wait at least till the ink is dry on the NOTICE OF ENTRY before proceeding with the second marriage.
Second marriages tend to have a higher rate of divorce than the first ones.