My wife just confessed she's in love with another man. I am so angry I could…

Stop. Think it over. Look at the big picture. Maybe in the end, it is for the best that she told you now rather than later. Adultery seems to devastate men more than it does women. That is not to say that women are not devastated. But men seem to take it a bit harder. I don’t know why that is….
Look, I don’t profess to know how to handle a situation like this, I am not a marriage counselor. But it is probably a good idea to get in touch with a professional who handles marital problems.
If you are feeling so angry that you feel you could do bodily harm to your spouse or someone else, you need to get away. You need a cooling off period. Call a friend. Talk it through.
Are you ready to get a divorce? I would say you need some time to digest things if it just happened. This is not the time to contact the divorce attorney. You need to sort out a whole lot of issues first, before contacting a divorce lawyer. I mean, don’t get me wrong. In the end, divorce is likely to be one of the top three ways you deal with this problem.
But when you are in the heat of the moment it’s probably not the exact right time. Give it a couple of weeks at least.