Should I divorce?

That is a very heavy question. As a divorce attorney, I never answer it. I always throw it back at the client, “should you?” Because I honestly think that only the client knows for sure, what is best for them to do in this situation.
Divorce is a big deal. It is grave. It has all sorts of consequences, not just legal. There are financial, emotional, familial, cultural, all sorts of consequences. Should you do it? Should you?
I have decided that when a client poses that question, I will counter with something like: have you tried marriage counseling? Have you gotten quiet within yourself and really evaluated your situation objectively? Did you write things out on paper to see how you feel? Have to tried to communicate with your spouse? Have you given the marriage everything you have to give it? Why do you feel that divorce is the answer? Are there no other alternatives? Have you explored all other alternatives and this is really what you have left?
This is a very sticky issue, giving advice on whether a person should get a divorce. To me, divorce is like war. It is sometimes a necessary evil. But it should be a last resort. It should not be the solution to every disagreement or fight. Mediation, negotiation, communication, diplomacy, all these things should be tried first. And some good old fashioned fooling around might be just what the marriage needs to revive itself.
Should you divorce? I don’t know. It is really up to you. You tell me. Should you?