TIPS FOR HIRING A DIVORCE ATTORNEY: Before you hire a divorce lawyer, read this….

hhiring a divorce lawyer
Thinking of hiring a divorce lawyer? Shopping around for one? It’s not like you are going to shop for a lawyer the way you shop for that “investment” winter coat. But you do have to put some thought into how you select a divorce lawyer because this is likely to be a long relationship, and it is one that calls for two people to have the right rapport and chemistry.
Hiring a divorce lawyer is a serious investment – much more serious than the most exquisite fox coat. You really need to do your homework and research several lawyers before you even narrow down your final three. Look at the lawyer’s website first of all. If the lawyer does not have a website, move on. Do not even consider hiring a divorce lawyer who does not have a website. This is beyond a red flag. Any lawyer worth their salt these days have a website and have had one for years and years. So first, check the website.
Google the lawyers on your short list to see what is being said about them by former clients. You also want to see at else they are up to other than practicing divorce law. Do you like what they have been up to? Do you want to work with this person? Can you see yourself being compatible with this individual?
When hiring a divorce lawyer you also want to think about what former clients have said so do check out the lawyer reviews and if there are none, it could also be a red flag. Not necessarily since no news is good news but why hasn’t anyone been so happy with the lawyer’s work they he or she was compelled to say so online? So no reviews could be a negative.
Check to see if the attorney has any bar related issues with the State bar association. Any sanctions or disciplinary problems? What exactly are those issues? Was it related to how the attorney represented a client? Is it something you can overlook (especially if the lawyer is otherwise competent?)
Talk to your family and friends when you are thinking about hiring a divorce lawyer. They may have recommendations they can make or know someone who has bene through the divorce process and who had a good lawyer that could represent you.
Once you have your short list, you now need to interview the lawyers. Normally you would have a consultation in their office where you sit and ask questions and see how the lawyer responds and how you feel about the answers you are getting. You want to definitely prepare a good checklist and a list of questions before you meet with your lawyer.
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