Divorce for dummies

Have you read Divorce for Dummies by John Ventura and Mary Reed? I haven’t either. But I have heard good things about the book. It is actually in its second edition so that means it has done quite well. There are a host of great books out there that you can either borrow at the library or purchase for your personal library, all on the subject of surviving your divorce. Below is a description of Divorce for dummies. If you want to get the book, click here to go to Amazon.com’s site. Or read below and see if you are interested in it before going to Amazon:
“There‚Äôs no such thing as an easy divorce. But knowing what to expect and being prepared to cope with the emotional, legal, and financial complications of a divorce certainly lessen the pain.Divorce For Dummies, Second Edition helps you minimize the stress and strain of divorce by cutting legal costs and knowing everything you should ask your attorney and expect your attorney to ask you. This reassuring guide covers everything you need to know about divorce, including:
Preparing financially for your divorce
Putting your divorce in motion
Telling your kids
Division of assets and spousal support
Child custody and support
Hiring and working with an attorney
Negotiating on your own behalf
New laws covering common law marriages, homosexual partnerships, and parents
Complete with a directory of divorce Web sites and tips on how to move on, this is the resource you need to survive your divorce and thrive in your new life.”