The happy Diva: Emerge from your divorce laughing all the way to the bank

The happy diva’s conscience is clear. She has done everything possible to save her marriage, including marriage counseling, sex therapy, cutting back on shopping sprees, everything. She may have even re-arranged her face, re-sculpted her body and given up people and things dear to her to hold on to the man. After all that, if it still does not work, she feels no guilt.
The happy diva has done some pre-marriage planning so she is confident that when and if a divorce ensues, she will be well provided for and attended. She likely married “well” aka her spouse is significantly more affluent than she is. And she probably didn’t sign a prenup. She’s not stupid. She is not going to get herself talked into signing a prenup that limits what she gets in the event the marriage implodes. But even if she were feeling really magnanimous when she entered into the marriage and she did sign a prenup, she definitely made sure that it was loose enough that it protected her in the event the marriage busted up. She made sure she got a lawyer to see to it that if and when the union split up, she would be alright.
The happy diva has children with her spouse. She loves children, but she understands she doesn’t own the children. Therefore, she is very generous in allowing her ex to have access to the children. That way, he allows her to have custody without a fight. Having custody means she also receives a generous child support allowance which she gets to spend whatever way she wishes. She probably receives these regular sums of money in addition to spousal support and alimony.
The happy diva is very discrete. Even if she has affairs while married, and even if she has post-marriage flings and relationships, she does not flaunt these in her husband’s face, especially if the terms of divorce state that her alimony dries up if she gets involved with someone else. Again, she is not stupid. She is not about to violate the terms of the agreement she signed and risk getting her alimony cut off. Or if she does, she does it in such a way that her ex husband never finds out.
The happy diva works doing something she is passionate about. After all, if she married well, she doesn’t exactly have to work for the money. She works for the sheer satisfaction it gives her.
The happy diva’s laughter gets incrementally louder as the zeros get added on to her settlement agreement. She knows exactly what she is going to do with most of that money before the check even clears. Real Estate. She’s not stupid.