The two-year Itch: Getting the "starter marriage" dissolved before your two year anniversary

I don’t know why it is, but a lot of my clients have been married for an astonishingly short period of time. Like, less than two years. It’s puzzling, because people always talk about the seven year itch. But I think it should be the two year itch. It seems that a lot of people get bored with their spouse after just two years of marriage. This seems to happen to the younger set than more mature couples – people in their twenties are more likely to come in seeking a divorce after a very short marriage. Usually it is because their partner is a habitual drunk or drug user, or because they are squabbling over who pays what. It is usually the wife who wants the divorce, and in many of the cases, the husbands are out of work. I don’t know if that correlates. But that’s what I’ve found. The only good news here is that the couples are usually too young to have amassed a real fortune, or even to have kids. So the divorces are usually uncontested and would cost significantly less than other scenarios where the parties are married longer, are older, and have more assets to distribute. So for roughly a $1,000.00 these folks can move on with their lives and chock it all up to the “starter marriage.”