Stop my divorce! I want to get off!

As the reverend Monsignor Joseph Funaro used to say when I barged in with another one of my crises: “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!”
This is exactly what I say when a client barges in with this pronouncement. And it’s not for the reason you think. It’s not because as the divorce attorney in this matter I now have to return all the money in my escrow to the client now that the divorce is off, thus having to re-neg on my promise to go to Prague with my friend.
No, I say “Jesus Mary and Joseph,” because, well, I don’t know why I say it. I mean, what else are you going to say when a client puts you through a riggamerole for months and tells you how much she hates her husband, and brings all this paperwork which you have poured over having readied yourself to do battle on her behalf, only to have her fly into your office with one of these, “oh, we kinda sorta got back together last night. I’ve changed my mind. I still love him.”
Look, it’s never too late to change your mind about divorce. Even if the judge has already signed the judgment of divorce and the notice of entry has been also filed with the county clerk, you can just go right out and marry each other again.
It’s a beautiful thing…so one last time. Are you sure you want a divorce?