When your prince falls for another woman

It’s a familiar story. You find your prince. You marry him. You think it is going to be happy ever after. Next thing you know, he turns into a frog who tells you he’s in love with another woman. He may not have even done the bleep bleep bleep with her. It could be totally emotional (and sometimes those are more devastating than the physical ones) You can’t even believe it. You have seen the other woman and you are sitting there thinking, “you’re leaving me for HER????”
It’s bad enough you can barely get over the shock, being that you had no idea this was even going on. But how can you ever overcome the blow to your pride and your ego?
Well, do it the way other women have done it and will continue to do it. Hold your head up high, cut a few inches off your skirt, add a few inches to your heels and find you another prince. And yes, you are going to hit him with an action for divorce on the grounds of adultery (and in New York, once you have proof, you will get your divorce so long as he has no defenses), and you are going to leverage that so that you get the best possible settlement from him, no doubt about it. (If you don’t want a divorce, that is up to you too.)
But hush. If divorce is the way you go, remember that life does go on, you know? The last thing you want to do is spend the whole divorce process trying to make him pay. By the time you’re done, you’ll probably need botox because you’ll have all these frown lines and creases. And he will still likely be with the toad, and you’ll owe all this money to your freakin divorce lawyer for this freakin divorce from this freakin idiot.
No. Let life make him pay. You? Girl, pull yourself together and vow to move on with your life. There is life after divorce. You just have to stay alive long enough to enjoy it.