Is your ex blogging about the intimate details of your failed marriage, and subsequent divorce?

It’s the new trend. Get divorced, start a blog. Or better yet, go on YouTube and tell everybody you never had sex with your husband and that he takes viagra, and that he has all this birth control paraphanalia (wrong spelling?) but that he doesn’t use any of it with you. Tell everybody that your wife forced you to sell the house at a “ruinous loss.” Tell everybody your wife cheated with a 21 year old college sophomore, or that your husband’s height is responsible for his inferiority complex.
Can this be stopped? It can, if you both agree in your stipulation that that behavior will not happen. So you would include language that says that even fictionalized accounts of the marriage must not be discussed publicly whether by doing a Barbara Walters tell all, or by starting a blog, or by writing a fiction book. In high profile divorces, this is a must. It is the only way to stop all your dirty laundry from being aired for everybody to see and know. After all, is it anyone’s business that you shave your arm pits once per year or that your genitals are oddly veered to the left? No it isn’t.
But if there is no agreement not to disclose this information, then your spouse can basically say what they want so long as it is true and the speech would be protected by the First Amendment.