Now that you're divorced will the guys still think you're hot?

By all accounts, a huge percentage of people who get a divorce, find a new relationship within a year and many of them marry a second time. In some cases, serial divorcees keep getting remarried until they die. So yes, after a divorce, I am certain that men will still find you hot. If you are a man, I know that women will still blaze a path to your doorstep – especially if you have a job. I hate to say it but a man’s eligibility standards seem to be a lot lower than a woman’s. He doesn’t even have to be employed. But if he is, that simple fact increases his eligibility by 1000 percent. It almost doesn’t matter what the job is.
For sure, a man does not have to be hot. He could be 500 pounds of flesh and fat. He could be 4 feet tall. He could have five missing front teeth. He could need deodorant and absolutely refuse to wear it. He could be living in a box under the Brooklyn Bridge. He could have a nine month beer belly. None of this matters. There is a woman out there who will happily take him to be her prince and if she whiffs that he wants you or you want him (can you imagine the horror?!) she will fight you to the draw to make sure you don’t get anywhere near him. It’s crazy.
But a woman? Girl, you better get hot. I don’t care what you allowed to happen when you were married to the last husband. You better start working out, get a job, color your hair if they are starting to grey, lose the weight, wear deodorant and go to the dentist. I am very serious. Because, take it from me, there’s a lot of competition out there for all those eligible bachelors who are straight – even the ones who, as described above, are not exactly all that hot.