Is your "education" causing your divorce?

This is slightly bizarre but it seems that some studies have been done that show that when a couple has vastly different levels of education, the marriage can get unstable pretty quick.
It seems to happen more when the woman is more educated than the man. It is not clear why this happens, but it seems that it often happens gradually. What that means is that the parties probably married when they both had the same level of eduction – whether high school, or some college. So this would probably indicate a “young couple.”
As the years go by, the wife continues to improve her education (this is especially true with teachers who, due to their jobs, usually get higher degrees such as masters and doctorates). But she may be married to someone who, though he started out on the same level, did not improve himself educationally. (This would happen in scenarios where the husband is a blue collar worker, or civil servant type positions, more than CEO types.)
Without more data, it is difficult to assess why this poses a problem. But it has been shown that in scenarios where the wife, over the course of the marriage, attains more “education” than the husband, the marriage is almost certainly doomed for failure. However, the reverse has been shown to be one of the most stable types of marriage. In other words, where the husband continues to educate himself, and the wife does not (so that she has equal or less education than he) the marriage is stronger and more stable.
Go figure.
Oh, I forgot to mention: your educational degress are “marital property” in New York. So to the extent that you acquire degrees during your marriage that are above bachelors degrees, and that contribute to higher income (especially if you have a license as a result of the degree such as law, medical, nursing, etc.) you will have to pay your spouse an equitable share of future income that comes from that degree.