What can we learn from Madonna's divorce from Guy Ritchie?

The Material Girl is calling it quits with her husband of nearly eight years, Guy Ritchie. But instead of sitting at home moping about it, she’s off on a national tour, Sticky and Sweet, as it is called where she shakes her hard as steel 50-year old bons bons all night long. If she’s crying, nobody’s seen her do it.
The fifty-something year old also has abs, arms and thighs of steel, lush, curly blonde hair and not a single wrinkle anywhere than can seen with the naked eye.
She reportedly has a boyfriend waiting in the wings – the tall, dark and athletic Alex Rodriguez who broke up with his wife earlier this year and is free to give Madonna anything she wants, and fullfill any wish she needs fullfilled, at any time of the day or night. (By the way, this may not be a bad perk.)
She has three kids, two with her husband (one of the two is adopted) and she has agreed to share custody rather than have a drag out custody battle. The children will have an international upbringing, spending half their time in London and the other half in the United States.
Madonna gets to keep the lion’s share of her reported $445 million dollar estate, with Ritchie to get a smidgeon – maybe $40 million or so (and this may include one of their four houses.)
There will be no airing of dirty laundry as was seen in the Paul McCartney/Heather Mills fiasco.
The parties moved quickly to an agreement which means they saved a ton in legal fees.
So, my question is, what can we learn from this? For me, a divorce attorney in New York, I think this was a good case, full of lessons for future divorcees – both rich, and not all that rich. But as a woman, I guess I am slightly perplexed. I mean, I look at Madonna and I see perfection. The thighs are rock hard – no cellulite. The arms are so ripped, I wonder if she takes protein powder – no flab whatsoever! Everything is perfect with this woman. Yet, even she could not sustain the marriage. I mean, what do men want?
Honestly, what do they want?