Getting divorced and the judge "hates" You?

It is possible. Judges are people just like us. They have likes and dislikes. During the course of divorce, it is possible that something about you or your attorney could rub the judge the wrong way. And the rulings could reflect that. Or maybe the judge has nothing against you, but the judge may know your spouse’s attorney, and so this familiarity predisposes the judge to rule more favorably to your spouse.
This is a very sensitive issue. As an attorney, I’m never sure what to do in this scenario. You have to be careful about “judge-shopping.” All the judges in a Part are likely to know each other. So switching from one judge to another will not necessarily work because the judge will just get the story from his or her colleague, and depending on the situation, you may have jumped out of the frying pan into the coals.
If it is any consolation, the appeals process exists to over-rule any egregious orders a judge might make. Of course, your biggest worry is not the egregious problems. It is the more subtle ones that are hard to undo.
What is the solution? Try not to get on the judge’s bad side. Be prepared. Act conciliatorily. Be reasonable. Do not be the party who is belligerent and litigious. Strive for fairness. Other than that, you’re pretty much stuck.