The "mathematics of divorce"

Divorce is very mathematical. That is why you often need forensics accountants and tax specialists. Even in those cases where there is no equitable distribution, you still have to do the math to determine that the parties are walking away with no numerical obligations to the other.
Divorce involves real estate closing fees, mortgages, child support, spousal support, stocks, stock options, pension benefits, bank accounts, alimony, debts, equity lines of credit and other variables that require calculations to draw up agreements. Not to mention such numeric variables such as “number of years of marriage,” “number of children,” “account balances” “percentages” “taxable income” “bonuses” and “Swiss accounts,” among others.
All of these usually boiled down to a magic number that each spouse walks away with after the judgment is signed. That number could be zero. But in some cases, it could literally be in the hundreds of millions.
Do the math before you even consult with your attorney.