Divorce: Was it the chocolate pudding?

I am always deeply moved when a client comes in for divorce and in her midst is the cutest little child I have ever seen. My first question is usually a paraphrase of the following, “oh my god, how can a man walk away from this beautiful child?” (For some unknown reason, it is usually mommy who comes in bearing kids, not daddy.)
But as soon as I say it, I have to check myself. I have to remind myself that daddy is not getting a divorce from his child. The child has nothing to do with the adult decision and mommy and daddy have to remember that, and I as the attorney have to remind mommy of that. DO NOT USE THE KIDS AS A PAWN. (If it is one thing you can learn from Madonna, it is classier to leave the kids out of it!) Try really hard not to have a drag down custody battle and force the court to decide what happens to your kids.
Daddy and mommy may have decided they can’t abide each other till death do them part (or that if they try, death may really part them) and so they want a divorce. But it has nothing to do with cute little Anna and Johnnie.
The trouble is that Anna and Johnnie may not realize it’s not their fault. I was just reading another law blog called Colorado DivorcePoint! The author recommended the cutest book for parents who are going through divorce and who have young children. The book is appropriately called, Was it the Chocolate Pudding? The author is Sandra Levin.
While I haven’t read the book it sounds like an absolute cutie. Check out what the Colorado attorney had to say about it. And maybe you will consider getting it if you have young cuties, and you’re getting a divorce. Click Chocolate Pudding to get the whole scoop.