How to have a romantic divorce

Now that I think about it, it is probably possible to have a romantic divorce. Brad and Jennifer did it without drama and jealousy. They took off to a tropical paradise in the Caribbean with their friends, and they showed off their respective bodies in sexy beach wear, and they ate well, then they probably made sweet love a few times (some people actually still shag like rabbits while the divorce process is going on. Can you fathom this?!). They certainly kissed a lot, and when they got home, they announced to the world that they were getting divorced.
They said something to the effect that “we are exiting the relationship as beautifully as we entered it.” Brad gave Jen the house they were living in at the time, A French Normandy Style mansion (he didn’t try to refinance it behind her back like some husbands do and pocket the cash), and Jen turned around and sold it and she pocketed the cash. Because of his honest dealings and clean hands, she didn’t have to try to creme him in fact, she may have given him a couple million out of the goodness of her heart – just because he was such a stand up guy.
And the rest is beautiful Hollywood history.
Why can’t more couples divorce like that? End with a tender kiss and all? It’s possible!!!