And now you are expected to sleep in this king sized bed all alone? Not!

Here you are, suddenly single, left alone to persuade the kids that it’s not their fault, having to watch and pretend you’re not jealous as your ex moves on without batting an eyelash, feeling like all your friends made out so much better in their divorces than you did and having to watch as they live it up while you can barely afford groceries, and having to listen to your sanctimonious mother’s lectures that you are immoral for getting divorce (considering she’s been enduring a hell of a marriage for 50 years cause “it’s the right thing to do.”) and wondering how you will ever find redemption.
Now, on top of it all, you have to come home every night and sleep in a cold king sized bed all alone. You may be having serious second thoughts about your decision. But it is way too late to stop the divorce even if you wanted to.
How and who will warm you up at night? Well, avoid the rebound relationship as much as possible. But do try to move on with your life as quickly as you can. The less time you spend moping, the better you will be and the warmer you will feel. Get busy.
And maybe you should consider getting rid of the damn king sized bed. You are a tiny little person. Why do you need a mammoth bed? Get a twin bed. It makes a huge statement. Believe me.