Marry with eyes wide shut? Divorce with eyes wide open

Who knows why? But a lot of people (women especially) get married with rose colored goggles on. Then all of a sudden, when it is time for a divorce, they admit that the man had shown them his true colors before the wedding but that they “married him anyway.” For example, the woman might say something like, “I knew he was addicted to Internet porn, but…” But what? Did you think he’d stop by osmosis? Did you think you could show him religion? You thought marriage to you would make him stop, didn’t you?
Why is that? Is it that women truly believe that by marrying Mr. Wrong they can change him into Mr. Right? Or do they just settle because they think they won’t find anyone else? Or is there some pragmatic reasons (which means they did some pre-marriage planning) for them to close their eyes to the facts and marry a man whom they fully know cannot meet their needs? I don’t know the answer. But I am astounded by the number of women who seem to have had issues with the man before the marriage even took place.
But whereas a woman may have had her eyes wide shut when she married her “husband,” the same woman is no holds barred when the time for divorce comes. She wants more than her pound of flesh if it is possible to get it. And she is usually pissed and disgusted with him and the divorce process as all hay. God forbid she should be the one who has to give him an equitable share of, say, a pension or something. Hell hath no fury!
Unfortunately, by the time someone comes in for a divorce, it is too late to give them the lecture “be careful who you marry.” But because statistics show that more and more people go on to a second marriage (yes guys will still find you hot!), I think it bears saying just in case: THERE’S LIFE AFTER DIVORCE SO BE CAREFUL WHO YOU MARRY NEXT TIME!