When billionaires marry up

When Billionaires marry up, they tend to do dumb things like transfer all their money into their spouse’s and children’s names to avoid taxes. When that happens, they deserve exactly what they get. Bernie Ecclestone, English billionaire and head of Formula One motor racing corp., did just that. He put all the money into his wife Slavica’s and daughters Petra and Tamara’s names, and now, she’s broadsided him by filing for divorce after 24 years of marriage.
It was a classic situation. He was away in Brazil checking out god knows what, and she orchestrated a move out of the house, and into a rental apartment in a tony area of London where they live. When he returned home from his “business trip,” it was only to discover that he didn’t have a wife, and he probably has no money. Del.icio.ous!
Now there was a woman who probably read my post, Advanced divorce 501, although, I don’t think she needed to. She got the job done by natural instinct without coaching. And from the way it looks, there is no prenup to limit how much she walks away with. And there is no sign of foul play here. It’s not like she was trying to creme him. He is the one who was trying to avoid paying taxes. He put all the money into her name.
I wonder how much this particular wife will be worth? The court gets to decide.
Oh, what a tangled web they weave. Um hme. But don’t blame the beautiful Slavica for his mishap. I am sure she did not have to spike his cool aid. This was a twenty-four year marriage, hardly what could reasonably be dismissed as a starter marriage. She was no gold digger. They were solid. And she paid her dues. Even if she was just a housewife who did not contribute economically to the marriage, I think we have established that her companionship, consortium, sex to him, all have value.
She’s earned what’s coming to her, Ernie boy. (You should see the kids they produced. Absolutely gorgeous, even though the wife was nearly a foot taller than the husband.) He probably thought that she would love him and stay with him till the end of time – no matter what the bleep he did.
I wonder what he did do? It must be pretty big. I don’t know if she needs grounds to get out of a marriage in England the way she needs it here in New York. But I have noted that her husband is almost twice her age, though (she’s fifty) so who knows what that is about. So it could be just irreconcilable differences, it could be impotence, it could be even adultery.
Now, I am not so stupid as to accuse a billionaire of adultery without proof. I’m just saying that I read somewhere that he likes the girls. Even if it is just emotional affairs he has, it can still be devastating, and wives have been known to TKO a marriage on that basis alone. Didn’t New York Yankees pitcher Alex Rodriquez’s wife Cynthia do that after he was accused of fooling around with Madonna?
Hopefully, Slavica has learned a thing or two from Madonna in terms of how to handle a high profile divorce. Hopefully we will not have a repeat of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.