Lessons from Ivana Trump, the serial divorcee (fourth time a charm?)

Ivana Trump has separated from her fourth husband Rossano Rubicondi! There are some women, like Ivana Trump, who seem to love to get divorced. I know this may sound funny, because nobody in their right mind would “love to get divorced” but I beg to reason that there are some women who do. I think getting divorced makes them feel good. Certainly, it must make them feel better than staying married to Mr. Wrongs.
I learned a few minutes ago, on the Huffington Post, that Ivana Trump has filed a separation against her fourth husband, Italian entrepreneur Rossano Rubicondi. She married him last April, and in her statement, she allegedly said that she wants a separation because he wants to live in Miami and work in Milan, and she wants to stay in New York where her family and businesses are. (It just hasn’t been a good month for the billionaires. Click here and here.)
I am tempted to ask, after just seven months of nuptial bliss, what could possibly have gone wrong in a marriage, especially when Ivana had spent six years getting to know Rubicondi before tying the knot. You can’t exactly accuse her of getting married with her eyes wide shut. Six years should be enough dating time to get to know someone before getting married to them. I would say. But at the same time, it can’t be that they just fell out of love after only seven months of marriage, can it?
By going the separation route, Ivana does not have to think about GROUNDS. It’s not like she will have to prove adultery or anything. I did hear rumors earlier this year that the guy was cheating. I am sure she didn’t wiretap him or anything, but somehow, word got back to New York that he was up to some monkey business. (Maybe she had spies checking up on the hunky thing?) I think he was down in Mexico or Brazil or something. If I am not mistaken Ivana came out and said at the time that she was reserving making any decisions until she had spoken with dear husband. But I cannot substantiate these as factual at this time. I am just repeating gossip.
By filing for a separation, Ivana has removed the need to prove grounds. In New York, you can get a divorce on the basis of a separation agreement, so long as you and your spouse “substantially comply” with the terms of the separation agreement for one year. It is New York’s closest thing to a “no fault” divorce. So, it doesn’t matter if it was her fault or his fault. That is the beauty of going the separation route. Nobody can play hard ball and hold out for a grounds trial.
Ivana obviously doesn’t have to worry about things like money. So it’s not like I would have to give her advice on how to get her fair share, or protect her assets. She is a smart woman. She knows what she is doing. I am sure she has a prenup. In fact, I know she does. I would keel over if I were to find out she got married without one.
In these high net worth scenarios, the non-monied spouses often ask the court to award attorneys fees – and they often get it – in the absence of a prenup that stipulates otherwise. So Ivana is probably going to pay his legal fees, and give him a bit of her property; but a prenup will definitely curb his reach into her coffers significantly.
Ivana you have a prenup, right?
Let’s just hope he doesn’t have a basis to set it aside….like duress at the time he signed or something.
Oh, and Happy Divorce Ivana!