Got dumped because you're too skinny?

This is the lamest reason I think I’ve ever heard a man use to dump his wife. “Honey, I want a divorce because you’re too skinny.” Is that not the lamest excuse you can imagine? But it seems to happen quite a bit. There are men out there who get fed up with their wives for being too thin. They give them ultimatums: if you don’t gain weight by such and such, I am leaving. And when the wife gets even thinner, they leave.  They literally ask for a divorce and walk out of the marriage. Sure, there must be other issues that I am not privy to. But the weight seems to be a big part of it. Totally baffling, no?
Here I was thinking that getting fat is fatal to a relationship, and it turns out that being too thin is just as bad, if not worse for some men. The question then becomes, what does a man consider too thin? I guess it is different for every man. One man’s too thin is another man’s show piece. So, a man could conceivably find Madonna too thin, and therefore sexually unattractive (gasp!) but then another man may turn around and think Madonna is the hottest thing with the rippest body he has ever seen in his life. He may even leave his wife and kids to be with a woman of Madonna’s lite frame.  (I’m just drawing a reference I’m not saying this is what happened in Madonna’s case.)
What is a woman to do? Well, if she doesn’t want the divorce and she lives in a “fault”state like New York, and she has the money and the inclination, make him prove the grounds. If he can’t, her attorney will simply move for dismissal of the action, and there will be no divorce. But I always say to someone, there may not be a divorce, but is there a marriage to someone who would ask for a divorce because you are too thin? What ever happened to married for better or worse, for richer or poorer? Till death do you part? You know? So you can fight on that basis, but you can’t make someone love and respect you and without that, there is no real “marriage.”
If someone really wants to dump you, they will find any reason – or sometimes no reason at all. You can fight for whatever reason you choose. But just remember not to win the battle and lose the war. Just remember to love yourself enough to not want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.