Shipping the kids off to boarding school now that you've decided to get a divorce?

I don’t know if that is such a great idea. Divorce can be tough on kids and affects their social and cognitive functioning. They may feel alienated, abandonned and angry.  They may  feel a tremendous sense of loss.
Now, all of a sudden, not only did they lose a parent who no longer resides at the marital residence, they are being shipped to different states or countries to attend sleep away/boarding schools. This can really traumatize a kid whose never been away from home for more than a few nights at a time.
The sending the kids to boarding school issue will obviously only impact folks of means and high net worth. Us regular folks send our kids to the neighborhood public schools. Wealthier parents understandably have more options. They may think that sending the kids off to boarding school, at least temporarily, spares the kids the angst and depression of being around while a divorce is sorted out. They want to spare the kids all the ugliness and bitter in-fighting between parents. That is one issue. But what often happens is these kids go off to boarding school and though once well behaved, may start acting out and engaging in destructive and inappropriate behavior. Because fundamentally, they don’t want to be there. They want to be home with their parents where they feel safe and hopefully loved.
Why is this? Well, child therapists and psychologists are better able to answer this question. But I would think twice about making such a drastic change in a child’s life just as the same time that you are going through a divorce.
There are other ways to spare the child the exposure to the adult issues surrounding divorce. You can choose not to speak to the child about the divorce. Some parents give the kids too many details about the divorce. They poison the child’s mind againt the other parent. They force the child to pick sides. This is not good.  Other than the two of you jointly explaining that the marriage is over, but that parenthood stays the same, I don’t think the kids should be involved in this matter. All divorce matters should be addressed through attorneys and conversations with attorneys should be out of ear shot of the children. THEY ARE JUST CHILDREN!
Under no circumstances should the kids be put in the middle of your quarrels. Sure, there is likely to be a custody issue. And if you can’t settle it, the courts will appoint a law guardian and they will settle it for you (not necessarily a good thing), but to the extent possible, keep the kids out of your issues. They are not getting divorced. They are both your kids. Neither one of you owns the kids.
Is boarding school the best way to see that they are kept out? It is one way to assure that their physical presence and proximity to “ground zero” won’t have negative emotional consequences. But then you have to think about the flip side, of how they can feel so abandonned by being sent off to boarding school. It just doesn’t seem like it would be all that great for a kid. Even the most social kid. But at the end of the day, a mother knows her kids and so does a father for that matter. You two will have to make that determination of what is best.